So... I've been getting a lot of requests lately on how people can either start or expand their creative side hustles.

I'll keep it short and give you ten opportunities to leverage your skills and turn your side hustle into a money-making venture, all while juggling your primary job.

When should you quit your main job? That's TBD in another blog or video!

1. Advertisements (Ads)

  • You can craft persuasive copies for businesses for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok ads. But you need to make sure the copies perform and you need to understand human psychology.
  • Price: 1,000ā‚¬ (for 5-10 ad copies)

2. Campaigns

  • Develop scripts for advertising campaigns, YouTube videos, or sales videos.
  • Price: Starting from 1,000ā‚¬

3. Landing Pages

  • Compose compelling website content that guides visitors towards specific actions.
  • Price: 5,000ā‚¬ (+500-1,000ā‚¬ per subpage)

4. Reports

  • Create engaging physical or digital reports for clients (which will be used as lead magnets or sales enablement material).
  • Price: 1,000ā‚¬ - 2,000ā‚¬

5. Webinars

  • Write, plan and create scripts for online presentations.
  • Price: Starting from ā‚¬2,000

I've personally worked on all of these and personally tried all of these methods, consistently yielding profitable returns. However, commanding the prices I listed requires delivering top-tier results, full trust of your client in what you can achieve for them and months of practice.

You can also charge way more for these services but I've given you a rough estimate of what you could charge as a beginner. And if you do not feel fully confident yet, you can still work with 3-5 test clients first for a low budget of 500-1,000ā‚¬ and deliver first results like that and collect testimonials as proof of quality for future clients.

But why stop there? There's more!

Additional Areas for You to Explore:

6. Editing Videos

  • Develop engaging and shareable content for various social media platforms.
  • Price: ~500ā‚¬-1,500ā‚¬ per video (depends on complexity and length of the video)

šŸ‘‰ And you can literally learn not only video editing but any of theses skills within a couple of days/weeks!

7. Email Campaigns

  • Write compelling email sequences to drive conversions and build relationships.
  • Price: 500ā‚¬-1,000ā‚¬ for 3-5 email sequences

8. Website Copy

  • Craft enticing website copies descriptions that boost revenue.
  • Price: ~2,000ā‚¬ (per project basis)

9. Blog Content

  • Create informative and SEO-friendly blog posts for businesses.
  • Price: ~500ā‚¬ - 1,200ā‚¬ per blog piece

10. Brand Storytelling

  • Help businesses tell their unique stories for a stronger brand identity.
  • Price: ~2,000ā‚¬ - 5,000ā‚¬

Let me know on LinkedIn or IG if you found this blog helpful. I will be posting more on business, marketing & sales on this blog and on my official APEX YouTube channel!šŸ‘‡

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