The Beginnings

2 weeks ago, I was banned by LinkedIn for 2 weeks for "unknown" reasons. I tried to log into the platform as I always do...aaaand I could not log in.

"LinkedIn account permanently banned!" - amazing! 138,000+ followers gone like that. And all the LinkedIn support had to do was to press a button or use an AI algorithm which detected some random event as fraudulent behaviour.

Live footage of me realising LinkedIn banned me

What was the Reason?

It could literally be anything from haters reporting you for no reason to an algorithm just falsely detecting activities in your profile. Below a list of reasons the LinkedIn support gave me....

1️⃣ The 1st reason they explained to me was that a #CFD post caused the system to trigger "fraudulent" activities and a "severe violation of community guidelines" - everything I showed smoke behind a car and the turbulent effects from that... ok.

2️⃣ The 2nd reason they gave me was that a link I provided in the copy was infected with a virus, which also could not be true as I always check my sources to make sure the community is not negatively affected by any posts - in case you want to check your links and documents, always use:

3️⃣ The 3rd reason was a copyright violation for a post although I add sources to my post (either in comments or in the copy itself) - which is quite odd and what means that someone is actively reporting posts .... I feel bad for you if you're reading that.

So, What is the Solution to the Problem? 🤔

🎟️ Reaching out to LinkedIn, writing endless tickets and explaining how I add value for over 3.5 years now and never having a problem with any post whatsoever.

✉️ 😢 It even went so far that I wrote a letter to the department in Ireland to make sure my account is being unblocked. No answer.

It took me more approaches to finally end up with the team at LinkedIn that is one level higher than the "normal" support guys. One lady took me serious and unlocked my account.. so far so good.

What's the learning for you? 🤔

LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok... all of these are NOT your real estate and you should always make sure to diversify yourself, whether that's in investing or in my case using social media.

An algorithm falsely detecting a post as "fraudulent" or some jealous weirdo triggering the AI to make it believe that you're a fraud should make you very cautious that nothing is safe.

Make sure to diversify yourself!

🌐 Build your own website!! 👉

📧 Build an email list! 👉 Use Substack, Convertkit, Mailchimp...

📹 Start that YouTube channel! 👉 Pretty straightforward!

🎬 Start a TikTok Account! 👉 Pretty straightforward as well!

🐦 Start a Twitter Account! 👉 Toxic place but worth it if you're into science!

But please start...there's nothing worse than being dependent on one platform, especially if others can easily screw things up pretty badly for you.

You don't need anyones permission to start, so fuck what others think and just do it.

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