Too many business owners, experts, and freelancers are trapped in a cycle that significantly hinders their potential to earn 5-10x more. It's not just about making a couple of thousands on the side - it's about making more money without losing track of what matters, plus ignoring the Shiny object syndrome (SOS). The primary obstacle, though? Business ADHD.

What is Business ADHD?

Business ADHD is a phenomenon in which people continuously jump from one opportunity to another, lured by the shiny allure of new strategies or tools. This lack of focus and shifting of goals can severely disrupt the growth and profitability of their ventures.

I've seen this happen so many times in the startup world: You follow the investors' wishes rather than what the customer wants, which would make you more money. Then the beauty begins with tweaking your marketing thesis and positioning 50 times instead of focussing on customer demands, product and service stability...


Imagine this: a business owner starts learning about LinkedIn Ads. A new trend, such as "AI-Based Lead Acquisition" or a novel "Content Lead Acquisition Strategy," for Instagram emerged as it saw moderate results. Suddenly, the initial commitment wanes, and they shift their focus to this new, enticing option. This cycle repeats, creating a pattern of distraction and missed opportunities.

The Power of Focus and Mastery

Businesses that have excelled tend to follow a similar pattern: perfecting a single method before gradually adding complexity to a problem that is already complex enough—no fancy strategies, no BS, just pure focus.

For example, sending a Loom video via LinkedIn or a physical report or letter, followed by a scripted call to generate appointments, increases the probability and show rate in consultations and sales calls. This relentless focus on perfection at each funnel stage has enabled businesses to achieve impressive monthly revenues and even multi-million annual turnovers!

The Illusion of Deserved Success

There’s a common misconception among some entrepreneurs that success is deserved simply because they've tried various strategies. However, real success requires persistence, perfection, and a deep commitment to refining a single, effective strategy rather than dabbling superficially in many. Mastering perfection in your chosen method is even more crucial in challenging times.

Additionally, it’s essential to understand that having multiple marketing streams is like having multiple income streams. While beneficial, diversification should not start with this sort of diversification. Successful businesses often begin with one robust strategy or social channel that generates steady inquiries and revenue. Only after mastering this primary channel should additional streams be considered and integrated.

So..Focus for Business Growth

If you struggle to master your business acquisition methods, it might be time to step back and reassess. Start with one proven strategy, master it, and only then consider adding it to your arsenal. Remember, in a world full of distractions, the ability to concentrate on one thing at a time could be your biggest competitive advantage.

For those ready to take their business to the next level, focusing on perfecting one strategy at a time is not just advice—it's a necessity.