A Brief Introduction

Marketing & Sales Consulting for Your Business | APEX


APEX is a digital consulting company specialising in marketing and sales. We are dedicated to assisting experts, agencies, and businesses to enhance their digital presence and boost revenue. We primarily aim to get people from a sustainable business idea of a couple of thousand euros per month to a consistent 5-6 figure income (per month).

We offer various services, including positioning sessions, one-on-one video calls, on-demand consulting training, and online seminars tailored to our clients' needs. With a team of five professionals, we serve clients all over the world.

"Our collaboration with APEX is one of the most valuable investments we've made. They have completely transformed our marketing process, and the results speak for themselves." - Matthias Bauer, CEO NAVASTO

How Does APEX Make Money?

APEX Consulting specialises in providing marketing and sales consulting services, enhancing clients' revenue streams, and minimising operational costs. APEX operates on a financial model that generates income by levying expert consultancy services charges. These services are meticulously designed to elevate clients' business performance by boosting their sales.

Over recent years, APEX Consulting has worked with notable companies such as Siemens, MathWorks, Navasto, Simq, Synera, SimScale, and others. This underlines our success and the high demand for our services. This growth can be attributed to our forward-thinking strategies and commitment to staying abreast of the latest trends and innovations in the industry. We excel in offering cutting-edge solutions in various key areas such as digitalisation, which involves:

  • integrating digital technologies to transform business operations
  • marketing, which includes strategies to enhance brand visibility and market penetration
  • systematic sales approaches to increase efficiency and effectiveness in sales operations.

Clients who engage with us benefit from the company's modern methodologies and expertise in leveraging contemporary tools and techniques to drive business success. Our approach is about implementing best practices, innovating, and adapting to the ever-evolving business landscape, ensuring clients remain competitive and agile in their respective industries.

"Thanks to the intensive collaboration with APEX, we were able to market our solution more successfully. Jousef helped with positioning and external messaging and helped us develop social media and content marketing expertise. Our expertise, efficiency, and friendly cooperation further strengthened our reputation as a thought leader in the industry. APEX is a reliable partner for anyone who doesn't want to miss out on modern marketing methods." - Dr. Moritz Maier, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Synera

We encourage everyone who wants to take their existing business to the next level to reach out to our website to ask for a non-binding 15-minute consultation. This initial consultation allows you to discuss your challenges and objectives and understand how our services can be tailored to meet your needs. It's a risk-free way for businesses to explore the potential benefits of partnering with APEX Consulting and to make an informed decision about engaging the company's services.

Who Is It For?

APEX Consulting's services are designed for a specific niche of clients seeking to enhance their revenue streams, reduce operational costs, and gain a competitive edge through modern business strategies.

”The team at APEX brought expertise and fresh ideas to the table, enabling us to explore various use cases of the technologies and better communicate the key benefits and strengths in a neutral and credible voice.” - Yann Debray - MATLAB Product Manager

Specifically, we cater to:

  1. Businesses Seeking Growth: Organisations or individuals looking to expand their market share, increase sales, and grow their business can benefit from APEX Consulting's expertise in marketing, digitalisation, and systematic sales strategies.
  2. Companies Undergoing Digital Transformation: Firms integrating digital technologies, Artificial Intelligence or automations into all areas of their business will find APEX Consulting's digitalisation services invaluable for streamlining operations and improving efficiency.
  3. Organisations Looking to Optimise Costs: Companies aiming to reduce operational expenses and improve profitability can leverage APEX Consulting's services to identify and implement cost-saving measures through resource-efficient marketing and sales tactics.
  4. Enterprises Aiming for Strategic Re-alignment: Organisations seeking to realign their business strategies to meet changing market demands and capitalise on new opportunities can benefit from the strategic insights and guidance APEX Consulting provides.
  5. Start-ups and SMEs: Emerging businesses and small to medium-sized enterprises looking to establish a strong market presence and accelerate their growth can gain significant advantages from APEX Consulting's services, which can be tailored to their unique needs and growth stages.
  6. Leaders Seeking External Expertise: Business leaders, such as CEOs, CFOs, and COOs, looking for external expertise to provide fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to their business challenges can engage with APEX Consulting for strategic advice and actionable solutions.

What Services Does APEX Offer?

  1. Marketing and Sales Strategy Development: APEX Consulting works with clients to develop or refine their marketing and sales strategies, ensuring they align with the client's business objectives and market opportunities. This involves analysing current strategies, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing new, data-driven approaches.
  2. Training and Development: APEX offers various resources, including scripts, videos, and live sessions, to equip clients and their teams with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in digital marketing and sales.
  3. Digital Presence Enhancement: APEX Consulting assists clients in enhancing their digital presence, which includes improving their website's user experience, search engine optimisation (SEO), and social media engagement. This helps clients attract and retain a larger online audience, generating more traffic, leads, and deals.
  4. The APEX Learning Suite: APEX Consulting hosts seminars, trainings, and workshops to educate clients on digital marketing and sales trends, tools, and best practices inside their proprietary learning suite.
  5. Operational Support: In addition to strategic advice, APEX Consulting offers operational support, including phone support, to assist clients with the day-to-day implementation of their marketing and sales strategies. This ensures clients have the ongoing support they need to overcome challenges and achieve their objectives.
  6. Performance Monitoring and Optimisation: The consultancy monitors the performance of the implemented strategies, using data analytics to measure success and identify areas for improvement. Based on this analysis, APEX Consulting provides recommendations for optimisation to ensure continuous growth and progress in marketing and sales performance.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

What does the non-binding initial consultation look like?

The details of the consultation are up to you. We will discuss the topics that are currently relevant to you or that you would like to learn more about marketing, sales, automation, and internal processes.

Why do you offer the initial consultation free of charge?

Many people need help to imagine what a long-term collaboration with us could look like. That's why we set up free consultations, where interested parties can experience first-hand what it's like to receive long-term advice from us. Of course, we conduct these consultations in the hope that the person being advised will become a customer of ours β€” but only if they like the consultation and see the value of our services. Simultaneously, we will ensure that your business is even feasible for a collaboration.

How can I secure a non-binding initial consultation?

  1. Visit the website and book a call there or directly do that here
  2. Choose your desired date in the calendar
  3. Write down any questions & we will see you on our call

Can you even help me?

That's easy to find out. As long as you are an expert, business owner, agency owner, or service provider, we can help you. You'll get clarity on this by booking a call with our team.

How long does a training course last?

That depends entirely on your initial situation and goals. We have several training programs. We help self-employed people set up businesses and manage directors with multiple employee scale-ups. We actively support clients for 6 / 12 months before they book an upgrade.

How much does your training cost?

You're welcome to book a free consultation where an expert can talk about if you'd like to work with us.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!