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1. The Compound Effect is King 👑

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The Compound Effect

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2. The Friends Concept is Broken ⚡

Most of your "friends" only benefit and start to distance themselves once you become a better version of yourself they cannot keep up with. At some point, "new friends" appear who never even believed in you in the first place. Pick wisely!

3. Invest in Yourself 💰

Most of the people adapt their spending habits once they get a raise. This is a secure path to failure. Once you have debt, you are in shackles. Invest the money to buy courses, books etc. Resist the slave mind - escape the matrix.

4. Trust the Science 🤓

I love science. Up until the point until science becomes corrupt. Trust the real science but don't fall for pseudo-science based on wrong models. Do your research & make a decision for yourself - a fancy academic title means nothing.

Identify the scams👇

5. Time > Money ⌛

No matter how much materialistic goods you have, time is always more valuable, and it is working against you. Cut out toxic people, negative people and people who do not believe in your vision and mission.

Life is too short to hang out with naysayers! ❌

6. Stand Your Ground 💪

You might be hated for having different opinions that do not follow the mainstream narrative. Stay true to yourself.

At the end of the day, you have to look in the mirror and be happy with who you are and what you believe in.

Resist peer pressure! 😰

7. Memento Mori 💀

Remember that you will die. If you're 30 and your life expectancy is at its best 90, you have 60 more years to live. You sleep a third of it, that leaves you with 40 years to do some meaningful work.

Do something fun, crazy & screw what people think.

8. Contact Your Loved Ones ❤️

We are all going to die. And you never know when. Make sure you spend good time with family and avoid unnecessary fights. Once your loved ones are gone, you cannot bring them back and vice versa.

9. Self-Development is a Scam ⚠️

All these guys want sell you stuff are most often delusional. Yes, some self-development is healthy.

"You are good how you are" KNOWING that you have a lot more work to do is dangerous and self-manipulation.

Engineer your Mind! ⚙️

10. Hard Work Beats Talent 💪

Hard work beats talent if talent hardly works. Have seen it way too often in life that very talented people are incredibly lazy because someone told them how smart they are - they become complacent.

Even if you don't have straight A's - work hard!

11. Hustle Culture is BS 🤑

You have one life and one life only. No money in the world can bring you back if you're falling dead. Companies will simply find another you and the world keeps going as if you have never existed.

Work hard but do not neglect your health 💊

12. Do Not Take Advice From Losers 💁

Only take advice from people who are where you want to be. Everything else is noise. Cut it out.

13. It's Okay to be Wrong ❌

You cannot know it all. I was thinking knowing the answer to everything makes me a genius. Admitting that you were wrong, accepting that you failed and quickly adapting and pivoting is smart.

Blaming others and finger-pointing is for losers. 🫵

14. Do Not Hate Others 😡

Some "people" (you know who I mean..) have specific interests in playing the divide & conquer game.

- Black vs. White

- Rich vs. Poor

- Left vs. Right

- You vs. Me

Do not get brainwashed. Turn off your TV! 🧠

15. Say No! ❌

Saying "no" to others is a "yes" to yourself. Simple as that.

16. Build Your Skills 🧠

AI is becoming more powerful. It's more important than ever to upskill in different areas of life. I spend more than 5000€ a year on courses, coachings and more.

Upskilling is not an option anymore. It's a necessity.

17. The Spotlight Effect 🔦

This is the phenomenon where people tend to overestimate how much others notice aspects of one's appearance or behaviour.

Do not become obsessed with what other people are thinking about you. Most of the people are intimidated by your potential.

18. Consume Wisely 🧠

"If you eat, invest, and think according to what the ‘news’ advocates, you’ll end up nutritionally, financially and morally bankrupt." - Naval

19. Meetings suck! 🤝

If meetings do not add any value. Skip them! No agenda? Skip!!

A great thread by Sahil Bloom👇

20. Comparison is the Thief of Joy 👤

Noticed that way back in my Bachelors comparing myself to others. You are not them. They are not you. Try to focus on yourself and your family. Cut out the rest.

"Competing with yourself is the ultimate positive-sum game." - Sahil Lavingia

21. Nothing is Easy 😭

You are not born with every skill level maxed out. Learn with a beginner's mindset, learn through experiments, learn through failure, learn from others.

People will mock you for failing, that's ok. They won't mock you if you succeed.

By Jack Butcher

22. Stay Humble 😌

Too many people think they have it all figured out and are untouchable. Never fall into that trap.

There's always something you don't know. Stay humble friends!

Mike Tyson

That's all folks!

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