1. Making more money is easy.
  2. Grades don't define your life.
  3. Do not hang around unhappy people.
  4. A hard life will teach you to be a strong man.
  5. Always stay humble. You're not self-made and a lot of people have helped you along the way.
  6. You’re fully responsible for yourself. No one is coming to save you.
  7. Most people are opportunists. They will only be nice to you to take advantage.
  8. There's a difference between unhappiness and depression.
  9. There's a difference between arrogance and confidence.
  10. Your partner can make or break your life.
  11. Motivation is bullshit. Discipline is what keeps you going.
  12. Create more than you consume. Resist the slave mind.
  13. Give less of a shit about what people think. Most people are self-obsessed anyways.
  14. Most people’s advice is garbage. Their story is not your story.
  15. Three reasons why people are not successful: laziness, stupidity, arrogance.
  16. Most people never start, a few are consistent, only a very few of those become successful.
  17. Most people you call your friends are losers and are your friends just because you're a loser. Once you level up, you will lose the losers.
  18. There's nothing wrong with being selfish. Help yourself first, then you can help to make the world a better place.
  19. Your manager can make or break your career. Choose wisely.
  20. Don't kill yourself for a company, you're replaceable. Nevertheless, give your best and be a team player.
  21. Money can buy happiness. Every problem you have is related to money. The matrix indoctrinated you thinking money isn't important to keep you poor and helpless.
  22. Time is the most valuable resource.
  23. A no to others is a yes to yourself.
  24. If you feel like an imposter, that's a sign that you're about to level up.
  25. Hate sometimes comes in jokes. Pay attention.
  26. Degrees don't make you intelligent. You are just disciplined enough to regurgitate mostly redundant information.
  27. Show compassion, everyone is suffering. But don't let anyone empty your emotional battery.
  28. Mental masturbation is real. Stop useless conversations and excuses to avoid taking constructive action in your life. Throw away your self-help books.
  29. 95% of all books out there are written to make the author rich, not to provide real value.
  30. You don't have a hard life. You're just a softie.