Not Delaying Gratification

There are no "get rich quick" schemes.

Do you want to be successful? Keep your head down and work without rushing the results. If you stick to something long enough, success will come.

Following the Crowd

Few, if any, of the people around you will likely be there 5 years from now.

It might be "cool" to have them like you now, but if that sacrifices building your future, you will ultimately be the only person who has to deal with that.

Choosing Easy Mode

You have the energy and the freedom from responsibilities, so leverage these luxuries.

Put yourself in challenging and uncomfortable situations to maximise your personal growth.

Telling Everyone Your Plans

Most people will doubt you or confuse you.

Keep your goals private, work silently, and let your success make the noise.

People can't ruin what they don't know.

Ignoring Your Health

Anybody can succeed for a few years, but you want to be someone with longevity.

This requires staying sharp physically and mentally, so fuel your body with healthy foods and find ways to move your body consistently.

Stopping Your Education

Just because you finished college does not mean you should stop learning.

Find new skills to develop and continue being a student.

Not Having a Routine

Manage your time effectively.

While you'll allocate time for your job, it's equally important to have routines for your mornings & nights that will facilitate your personal development.

Stick to it, and you'll see where you end up. I cannot tell you more than that.

Let's crush 2024!