1. Prioritise a regular good night's sleep to enhance productivity in all aspects of life. Sleep is the best natural drug.
  2. Most people will never start a business because they're never willing to do the dirty work.
  3. Happiness isn't an end goal. It's a work in progress till death. If happiness would come easy, it would not be worth anything.
  4. The best people to teach beginners are other beginners.
  5. Taking yourself too seriously will make it easy for people to hurt you with their words and judgement.
  6. If you are incredibly ambitious, prepare for self-doubt, sleepless nights and crippling fear.
  7. Doing 1% extra will put you in front of 99% of people.
  8. It's easy to outcompete most people. 99,99% of people are lazy af.
  9. Make "being cringe" your new normal and nothing new will scare you.
  10. Your co-workers and friends don't give a solitary fuck about you. Everyone cares about themselves.
  11. Most of your friends are here to profit from you.
  12. Most of your friends will drag you down and leave you once you strive for greatness.
  13. Making a living assumes that you do not deserve to be alive. Be your own boss.
  14. Hard work does not guarantee success.
  15. Never depend on others. Learn to be a lone wolf when necessary.
  16. Likes ain't money.
  17. Keep learning to stay ahead of the game.
  18. Use money to buy knowledge and time - it yields a better interest than any random stocks or shitcoins.
  19. Develop a positive mindset and focus on the things you can control, rather than the things you can't.
  20. Treat your failures as lessons and opportunities for growth rather than setbacks.
  21. Surround yourself with supportive and like-minded people to keep motivated and inspired.
  22. Be open to new experiences and opportunities, even if they seem outside of your comfort zone.
  23. Set specific and achievable goals, and create a plan to reach them.
  24. Don't compare yourself to others, but instead, focus on your own progress and journey.
  25. Take care of your mental and physical health to maintain a high level of energy and focus. Most people are fucked up mentally.

Feel free to leave a comment under this post if you think I missed a rule that helps you on your way to become a 1% individual!👇

Keep engineering your mind! ❤️