The "$1 Strategy" is a method for growing your presence on social media and works particularly well on LinkedIn and Meta (Instagram & Facebook).

The idea is to provide your “2 cents” (i.e., your thoughts, opinions, and value) on trending or relevant content within your niche, totalling 50 daily interactions. This helps you build relationships, gain followers, increase engagement on your posts, and raise brand awareness.

Here’s a breakdown of the strategy:


  1. Identify 5 Hashtags:
    • Find 5 hashtags relevant to your industry or niche.
    • These hashtags should be ones that your target audience frequently visits and engages with.
  2. Engage with 10 Posts per Hashtag:
    • For each of the 5 hashtags, engage with the top 10 posts.
    • Engagement involves liking the post and leaving a meaningful comment. Your comment should add value, be insightful, or spark conversation rather than a generic response like "Nice post."
  3. Provide Value:
    • Your comments should be thoughtful and relevant to the content.
    • The goal is to stand out and provide value, which can attract the attention of the post’s author and their audience.


  • Increased Visibility: Regularly engaging with popular posts makes your profile more visible to a larger audience.
  • Building Relationships: Meaningful comments can lead to conversations and relationships with influencers and potential followers.
  • Growing Followers: Providing consistent value can attract followers who appreciate your insights and content.

Practical Tips:

  • Be Consistent: Dedicate time each day to follow this strategy.
  • Be Genuine: Avoid spammy comments and focus on quality interactions.
  • Monitor Results: Track your follower growth, engagement rates, and any new connections you make.

By following the "$1 Strategy," you can organically grow your social media presence by becoming an active and valuable participant in your community.

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