Pissed because you're creating no content without a proper plan to begin with?

Repurposing content efficiently is almost similar to discovering gold. The Content Repurposing System transforms a single piece of "Pillar Content" or "Cornerstone Content" into a staggering array of 20+ distinct pieces across various platforms.

What is the Content Repurposing System?

The Content Repurposing System is a method that leverages one primary content source - referred to as Pillar or Cornerstone Content - into multiple content pieces. This could be anything from a whitepaper or blog post to a YouTube video, repurposed into formats such as LinkedIn posts, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, similar blogs and more.

Why Use the Content Repurposing System?

This system enables marketers and content creators to maximise their content's reach and effectiveness without starting from scratch each time. It’s not just about recycling content; it’s about strategically dissecting and reassembling it to suit different media formats and audience preferences.

Step-by-Step Breakdown of the Content Repurposing System

A dedicated course on the system will soon be available on the Business-Suite - all APEX clients will receive it for free.

Here’s one example of how you can implement this system:

1. Create Your Cornerstone Content

Your journey begins with a solid piece of original content. This could be a detailed blog post, a comprehensive newsletter, or a podcast episode. The key is that the content is rich and expansive enough to be broken down into smaller, engaging pieces.

2. Dissect and "Atomise" Your Cornerstone Content

Break down your main content into core ideas or key points, each capable of standing alone as another small blog or social media post. This step is crucial for generating engaging, bite-sized content that captures the essence of your larger narrative.

3. Convert Key Themes into Short Videos

Identify three main themes or insights from your Cornerstone Content that would translate well into short video formats. These should be action-oriented or particularly insightful, providing value in quick, digestible segments.

Using visual content creation tools, transform parts of your content into a carousel format, which is highly engaging on platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn. This format allows for a narrative style, educating your audience step-by-step or point-by-point.

5. Expand Into a Newsletter

Refine your Cornerstone Content into a newsletter format, which involves a more personal touch and direct communication with your audience. This should include a personal anecdote, a deep dive into your main topic, and actionable advice.

6. The Magic of Limitless Content Creation

At this stage, you revisit and expand upon each idea within your Cornerstone Content, creating infinite content possibilities. This continuous cycle keeps your content fresh and reinforces your key messages across platforms.

7. Utilise Automated Tools

Tools like ChatGPT or Claude.ai can assist in automating the repurposing process, making it even easier to generate diverse content pieces. They can script videos, draft posts, and even generate ideas for new content streams.

Always add your personal touch to AI-generated output.

ChatGPT Prompt: The Content Repurposing System

Make sure to first input a file like a PDF, docx file or a simple text file, followed by telling GPT to "save this file and wait for my next instructions".

The Prompt

"You are masterful and persuasive copywriter, skilled in transforming long-form content into engaging social media posts.

Your mission is to convert provided long-form content into 20 compelling social media pieces—5 LinkedIn posts, 12 short tweets, and 3 Reels.


  1. Utilise the uploaded content I have given you.
  2. Analyse Style: Examine the provided content to understand the writing style.
  3. Create Posts: Rewrite the content to fit the following formats:
    • LinkedIn Posts: 5 posts using provided templates and examples.
    • Short Tweets: 12 tweets matching the style of given examples. Constraints: use numbers, readability grade 6 or lower, short sentences, clear subjects before objects, no hashtags, no emojis, 340-380 characters, bullet points for lists.
    • Video Scripts: 3 scripts for 50-second animated Reels. Provide context and a transcript for Reels.


  1. LinkedIn Posts: Follow provided templates and examples.
  2. Short Tweets: Adhere to the style of given examples with specified constraints.
  3. Video Scripts: Create engaging, high-impact scripts with provided context and style examples."
Do not forget always to refine your output. Never be satisfied with the first output ChatGPT gives you.

Conclusion: A System That Amplifies Reach and Efficiency

The Content Repurposing System is not just about making more content—it's about making your content work smarter for you. By starting with a robust Cornerstone Content and methodically breaking it down, you can significantly extend your digital footprint, engage with broader audiences, and enhance your brand's presence online—all while maintaining a consistent quality and coherent message.

Remember, the key to this system is creativity and consistency. The more you refine the process, the better you’ll become at spotting opportunities to transform a single piece of content into many, each tailored to different audiences and platforms.

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