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When your systems are not intentionally designed with specific needs in mind, it can lead to difficulties and disruptions in our daily lives. On the other hand, well-designed systems can facilitate smooth and efficient functioning.

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I’m Jousef Murad, and absolutely love Notion. I manage and organize almost my entire life in Notion and use it to help companies upskill their employees doing the same for their day-to-day work. I’m also Notion-certified.

The Notion Academy is by far the best beginner’s guide to Notion on the internet.

I offer a ton of templates for free. My philosophy is to give away free, high-quality content on the basics, and only charge for more advanced stuff like my Notion Academy, my complete course on how to learn Notion and build your Second Brain, how to properly take notes, create projects, manage knowledge knowledge, and organise your life & business.

Below, you’ll find links to all the course resources, along with the lessons. Each lesson includes an in-depth video along with a written version with reference tables, screenshots, and more.

Free Templates and Resources

Each lesson we’ll be working through has included templates and sample pages. I’ve made it so that you can duplicate these pages into your own space – that way, you can make changes and poke around to learn more effectively.

If you join my Notion Tips email newsletter, I’ll send you a link to these resources (and all my other free templates for task management, note-taking, and more) – along with additional Notion tips and tricks. If you’re not interested, you can skip this and just grab the resources below.

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Want to learn about Notion formulas? Check out my comprehensive reference guide:


The Notion Formula Reference

This comprehensive reference guide for Notion formulas includes explanations, example formulas, and sample databases for every function, operator, and constant in Notion’s formula editor.

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