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Thomas Anderson is a Swedish entrepreneur, change manager, inspirational speaker, and life coach. He helps people and companies in their transformation journeys. He has extensive experience from global companies as a project manager, change manager, and management consultant. He has always been close to the change process as his main work has been managing digital transformation, being the bridge between IT and the business, which affects people in many ways. Global projects have taken him to the United States, China, and many of the European countries. He has an MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management from LinkΓΆping University, Sweden, and has studied at the School of Business at Queen’s University, Canada, and in Barcelona, Spain.

In 2015 he was successful in his career and lived with his family in a nice houseβ€”he had all that you β€œought to” have. But there was something missing in life, he was trapped in an emotional prison of self-doubt, stress, anxiety, and feelings of worthlessness. He didn’t know how to be there for himself, and he was on the brink of burnout. That was a starting point and over three years he completely turned his life around, a journey which he now shares in his book, The Vulnerable Man (released in Sweden in 2019 and internationally in 2021).

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