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πŸŽ™ About The Episode

Luca Antiga has a Ph.D. in Bioengineering and worked in research until 2009. He is co-founder and CTO at Orobix, where they are busy taking artificial intelligence into the real world.

Eli Stevens has spent the majority of his career working at startups in Silicon Valley, with roles ranging from software engineer to CTO. At publication, he is working on machine learning in the autonomous vehicle industry.

Thomas Viehmann is a Munich-based machine learning trainer and founded the boutique consultancy MathInf GmbH. Β He is one of the most prolific independent PyTorch contributors. His interests range from mathematical intuition and interpretation to the low-level details of making computation fast. He holds a Ph.D. in pen and paper mathematics from the University of Bonn.

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πŸ“• Deep Learning With PyTorch book:

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