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Monishwaran is one of the youngest Computer Scientists working in the field of Deep learning, Cognitive Computing, Blockchain, and Quantum Computing.

Over the past several years, Monishwaran has developed numerous projects, using Artificial Intelligence, ranging from accelerating the diagnosis of Schizophrenia to combating Malaria using blood diagnosis. He has collaborated with several companies in the hopes of building a better world.

Monishwaran has authored a number of groundbreaking books on technology, programming, and innovation. He believes programming needs to considered as a primary language, and should be taught to everyone. His project, The Neural Connect, uses deep learning to change the way humans interact with the environment and provides a new communication media for people who can't communicate effectively. His other inventions include Project TAR-Teaching Through Augmented Reality, Assistive technology for the Hearing and Visually Impaired, Anti-traffic congestion system, Air mouse. He is currently involved in bringing the power of Quantum Computing to the hands of common people.

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