In the dynamic realm of engineering, where precision and efficiency are paramount, adhesive joint design is a critical discipline. The inspiration to write this short blog came from an interview by Axel Reinsch and Fabian Novaki from ar-engineers presenting their tool calcbond - which supposedly is the world’s unique, innovative online platform for the design and calculation of bonded joints!

Let's have a look of what it can really do for us engineers...!

All Advantages in a Nutshell – Save Time & Money in Product Development

The use of calcbond offers users a whole range of advantages that give them a decisive edge in product development with bonded components:

  • Streamlined Analysis: Reducing trial and error, and subsequently cutting down costs, calcbond facilitates the swift analysis of design variants through automated calculations.
  • Accessibility for Non-Experts: Acting as an enabler for individuals without specific expertise in adhesive bonding, calcbond simplifies the resolution of intricate bonding issues.
  • Knowledge Database: A wealth of extensive information is consolidated in one centralised location, eliminating the need for time-consuming research.
  • Web-Based Accessibility: With an easy-to-use online platform, calcbond offers hassle-free access without the need for intricate installation processes.
  • Flexible Subscription Model: calcbond features a flexible booking model with a monthly cancellable subscription, providing users with adaptability and convenience.
  • All-In-One Solution: Integrating knowledge resources, material data, and calculation tools into a unified platform, calcbond presents a comprehensive all-in-one solution for users.

Challenges in Adhesive Joint Design

In the realm of lightweight engineering places adhesive bonding technology in a position of paramount importance. The adoption of bonded joints in manufacturing processes is steadily increasing among companies. However, the intricate task of professionally designing a secure bonded joint necessitates significant experience, specialised knowledge, and often involves the use of expensive and complex software tools.

In simpler terms, the process of independently designing bonded joints is not only time-consuming but also incurs substantial costs.

The vision of the team led to the inception of calcbond. Drawing on their extensive expertise in crafting structural bonded joints through our project ventures and coupled with their adeptness in software development, the concept emerged for an online platform.

calcbond empowers their users, even those without an in-depth understanding of adhesive bonding technology, to swiftly and securely design and calculate bonded joints. Its user-friendly interface ensures ease of use, translating to remarkable cost and time savings of up to 80% when compared to conventional methods.

The AutoFEA Capability of calcbond

With the lightweight industry demanding accelerated decision-making, engineers find themselves under constant pressure to deliver high-quality results within compressed timelines. The duo highlighted the evolving landscape of engineering, emphasising the increasing role of simulation engineers in programming and software development.

Calcbond Tool Overview – Unleashing the Potential of Engineering Excellence

The calcbond platform stands as a unified ecosystem, encompassing a comprehensive wiki, a material database, and robust calculation tools, along with automated reporting.

Let's delve into the powerful features that make calcbond an indispensable tool for engineersπŸ‘‡

Analytical Toolbox & Design Explorer

The analytical toolbox within calcbond empowers users to swiftly and easily calculate stresses in the adhesive layer of mechanically stressed overlap bonds. It efficiently handles design parameters like adhesive layer thickness and overlap length, producing highly accurate results in seconds. The toolbox includes a designated "Explore design space" area, facilitating quick design studies based on analytical calculation methods.

Material Cards

In the "Material Cards" section, users access well-structured material cards containing technical data on various adhesives from renowned manufacturers like Sika, Huntsman (Araldite), and Kisling. These cards offer both basic information and detailed engineering parameters crucial for calcbond calculations. Furthermore, users can anticipate the ability to create custom material cards in calcbond, extending the flexibility to work with adhesives not initially available in the default calcbond database.

AutoFEA Module

The AutoFEA module brings the prowess of numerical simulation to users through a user-friendly interface. It enables the creation of parametric 3D calculation models for bonded joints, including standardized applications like bonded fasteners or window pane bonding. Users can conduct simulations for complex mechanical load combinations and additional temperature loads. This module allows for the modelling, calculation, and evaluation of intricate bonded joints within minutes, catering to both experts and novices.

Results and Reporting: The outcomes of simulations are presented in both the user interface and an automatically generated PDF report, ensuring accessibility and clarity.

The calcbond Wiki

Calcbond's Wiki serves as a treasure trove of knowledge on adhesive bonding technology. Covering topics from adhesive selection and design to practical application on components, the wiki provides valuable insights and tips for professional planning and implementation of bonded joints. Additionally, it offers a comprehensive overview and explanation of crucial adhesive technology standards and guidelines. The wiki is continuously enriched with relevant expertise and practical application examples.

Implications for the Lightweight Industry

CalcBond emerges as a formidable player in the quest to revolutionise the engineering landscape, especially within the lightweight industry. With the ability to furnish fast, reliable, and transparent results, the platform positions itself as a transformative force. The emphasis on web-based, high-quality engineering as a service aligns seamlessly with the industry's escalating demand for accelerated decision-making and optimised processes.


calcbond represents a significant leap forward, offering engineers a sophisticated tool for streamlined and efficient adhesive joint design and calculations. As the lightweight industry continues its rapid evolution, tools like calcbond will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of engineering.

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